About Kenneth Asher, Ph.D.

My major areas of expertise span the full age-range. They include problems of young people from early childhood to young adulthood, developmental disabilities, medical behavioral concerns, clinical diagnostic issues, and “problems of living”. I have worked with a wide range of severity, from normal developmental issues to severe psychopathology. As appropriate, I employ a variety of treatment modalities, including behavioral, cognitive, and insight-oriented. I work with individuals, families, and groups.

I completed doctoral studies in clinical psychology at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in 1987, with emphases in child and pediatric psychology, and developmental disabilities. In addition, I have graduate degrees in developmental psychology and human development, and postdoctoral training in clinical psychology and developmental disabilities. These followed an undergraduate degree in biophysics. From all of these academic experiences, as well as my "cerebral seasoning", I have an appreciation of development and change, empirical science, mathematics, individual performance and achievement in many forms, baseball and other types of motivated movement, literature, movies, cosmology and far-reaching explanations, puns and other attempts at humor, life in general and the many ways that humans live and appreciate it.

Since 1988, I have been in private practice in psychology in the Seattle area, moving in late-2010 moved to Lake Forest Park. I hold adjunct faculty positions with local universities.

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