Services Provided - Lake Forest Park, WA

Clinical Services

My major areas of expertise span the full age-range. They include problems of young people from early childhood to young adulthood, developmental disabilities, medical behavioral concerns, clinical diagnostic issues, and “problems of living”. I have worked with a wide range of severity, from normal developmental issues to severe psychopathology. As appropriate, I employ a variety of treatment modalities, including behavioral, cognitive, and insight-oriented. I work with individuals, families, and groups. The services that I offer are summarized below.

Intervention Individual therapy
Parent and Family counseling
Life coaching
Behavior analysis and management
Evaluation Behavioral and emotional disorders
Developmental disabilities
Cognitive and academic problems
Attention deficit and cognitive performance issues
Health/illness-related behavior
Consultation and Training Developmental and behavioral problem-solving for health-,
residential-, and education settings
Early education child care and consultation
Program evaluation and applied research
Seminars and workshops on numerous psychological,
developmental, and systems topics

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